Coetzee Este


I am a qualified ESL teacher and I have the experience, knowledge and passion to help you speak English with confidence. Together we can achieve great results! Adults and children (5+) welcome :)

Город: Москва
Адрес, район: Ulitsa Garibaldi, 15/2. Metro Noviy Cheremuchkiy.

 I am a native speaker from South Africa. I have been living and teaching English in Moscow since 2009.

Every student I teach will get an individual program to make sure they enjoy the lessons and see good results.

I specialise in the following areas:


* From 4-6: Introduction to English, basic vocabulary and phrases, reading and writing.

* From 7+: Grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing, school preparation, help with homework.


* Grammar and speaking from Elementary to Intermediate. 

* Conversational lessons to improve confidence and speaking skills.





Методика преподавания

My lessons are based on every student's individual needs. My teaching method is communication based with a strong focus on vocabulary and grammar so students feel confident using the language they learn.
For children the lessons are fast-paced and interesting with a variety of activities to encourage them to speak freely. We also focus on general educational, social and physical development.

Образование, квалификация

CELTA Young Learners


6 Years teaching General English to Adults and Children.


Children from age 5+
Adults levels Elementary - Intermediate.
Adults All levels for Speaking and Conversation classes.

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CELTA Young Learners
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